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Microderm VS. Peels
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microderm vs. peels
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Microderm VS. Peels

    What is better, a microderm or a peel?

Microderm treatments can improve:

  • Oily or dull skin.
  • Enlarged pores.
  • Clogged pores.
  • Fine lines.
  • Mild acne scars.
  • Mild complexion problems (such as uneven pigmentation or poor skin texture)

  • (results can vary after multiple treatments)

    Peels can improve:

    Peelsare normally used to restore a youthful, vibrant appearance to wrinkled, blotchy, sun-damaged skin. There are many differentchemicalfacepeels, and each has uniquebenefitsfor the skin. The light

    Holiday special

    Pumpkin Mask is here for the Holidays. Get ready to enjoy and relax. This is for all skin types. Also check out my new products for sale. 
    If anyone has any questions or comments about the products I will be more than happy to help.
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