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After one treatment
       Body Scrubs-$55  
Anti Aging Facial w/body scrub

                                                                        Available Now

Chocolate Sundae Facial

50 minute treatment $75

Anti-Aging treatment with microderm included.

Your skin will feel softer, wrinkles will diminish & your skin will feel revitalized, tight, smooth and radiant.
Also includes CoQ10, live carrot fruit cells & ginseng extract.

(great for all skin types except those with rosacea)

Fruit Glycolic AHA Facial

50 minute treatment $85

Removes dead skin, leaving it smooth over time. Treatment puts moisture back into the skin, controls acne, helps improve the look of sun damage & aging skin.

Treatment includes: light exfoliation, steam, effleurage for 15 minutes on face, neck and décolletage and extractions if needed.

(no microderm is included)   

Organic Pumpkin Facial

50 minute treatment $85

Includes: steam, effleurage on face, neck and décolletage.
Benefits: Great for red, blotchy, oily skin. Makes the skin radiant while deep cleaning the pore, improves uneven skin tones & increases circulation.
You will feel a mild tingling sensation as the mask begins to oxygenate.

(no microderm is included)  


Double Signature Facial

60 minute treatment $105

This treatment is great for all ages and skin types. Its completely natural ingredients. Great for acne, dry, aging skin. Microderm is included. You will have 2 different masks after microderm treatment along with effleurage for 15 minutes on face, neck and décolletage and extractions if needed.

  Youth Builder Seaweed Facial

50 minute treatment $75

For mature, dry, dehydrated skin. This soothing seaweed facial contains high concentration of collagen, proteins, vitamins & minerals.
Purpose: For all skin types, rosacea & post treated skin.
Benefits: Hydrates, brightens, soothes, revitalizes, plumps & diminishes fine lines & wrinkles.

(microderm included) 

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