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    The young man in the below pics is also new to micro current. He purchased a combo package of a microderm with a face mask and micro current right after. Take a look at the before and after pics. This is his very first treatment.
After non-surgical facelift treatmentBefore non-surgical facelift                          Before                                                                                                          After                                              

                                                           Results may vary

     This nice young lady was nice enough to let me take a before and after picture of her to post on my web site. She is 35 years young and this is her first micro current, the non surgical face lift treatment. She also purchased a mask with her treatment for extra pampering. Take a look at both pictures below, the one on the left is after and the one on the right is before. The micro current will last 7-10 days as long as you drink up to 32 ounces of water a day, 10-12 treatments  will last about a year and a half. 

     This treatment can be done twice weekly and will take 60-90 minutes. It's pain free and very relaxing. 

                             Before                                                                                   After
Before non-surgical facelift
After non-surgical facelift
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