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Super anti-aging serum

super anti aging serum-organic

.5 oz. $20
1 oz. $30
2 oz. $45

With the use of this serum your skin cells will be regenerated faster. Your skin will repair itself and also provide a natural sunblock, while lightening acne scars, age spots, and reduce wrinkles & relieves eczema, sunburns, bug bites, fades stretch marks & revitalizes the skin. This product contains all natural ingredients. Other benefits of my serums are: Does not leave an oily residue, provides anti-aging & anti-oxidants. It tones the skin, improves moisture levels, it also has anti-inflammatory & anti-cancer agents. The serum quickly absorbs into the skin. It also contains high amounts of fatty acids & rejuvenates, regenerates the skins tissues. 

Why I make my own anti-aging serums: only 11% of 10,500 chemicals in cosmetics have been tested for safety. Over the years I have used a number of different skin care products and my only concern was to make sure that I didn’t have wrinkles or breakouts. Learning so much about alternative medicine has taught me how to live a healthier lifestyle inside and out. I learned that the products I have used on my skin have so many chemicals that could lead to other health issues like cancer. I did a deep research online on different skin care products and found recipes for a list of face creams and serums. I decided to make my own recipe and try it on myself and my kids. The results were amazing!! 

All of these products are made by me with all organic ingredients from different parts of the world. 

More products coming soon!!

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