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Body Contouring Cavitation
Instant Inch-Loss | Non-Invasive Fat Removal | Cellulite Reduction | Body Sculpting | Slimming Treatments
Get slim and toned

(For faster results and optimal health, we recommend a combination of a healthy diet, exercise and cavitation treatments.)
 Dramatic, immediate, safe and permanent removal of stubborn, unwanted fat! 

Disclaimer: each person's experience is different based on medical conditions and body compositions. The amount of weight loss may vary .  

Cavitation FAQ's.docx (DOCX — 21 KB)

Attached are the FAQ's 

      Cavitation Body-Sculpting

Exercise and proper diet are the best ways to loose weight, however, sometimes there are those stubborn extra inches that just don’t want to let go. Non-Invasive Treatment methods might be able to give you some extra boost:

$99 for 1 Treatment
$149 for 3 Treatments
 $249 for 6 Treatments 
With vibration plate after each treatment 
  • Increased muscle strength; Improves circulation; Improves general fitness; Increases bone density; Combats cellulite
  • 10 minutes on this machine can replace up to an hour of conventional workout

 Disclaimer: If you suffer from joint problems, have a heart condition or use a pacemaker, we recommend seeking medical advice before using a vibration plate

Before and after cavitation pictures


   Fat Blaster Special
Get cavitation lipo treatments on each section of the body.
$60 for 30 minutes.
Also check out our natural skin care products for sale at the store. Cavitation treatments vary from person to person. 

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